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Sonoma International Film Festival



    SONOMA <3 SARANDON: When one is presented with two classy choices to discuss, one will dither, which is just the state we find ourselves in now. Do we first launch into talking about the Sonoma International Film Festival, which rolls from April 6 through 10 in and around Sonoma, and how the film-loving feast is marking year 14 in 2011? Or shall we go all sweet on Susan Sarandon, who will be picking up the festival's Lifetime Achievement Award on Saturday, April 9? You see where our dithering springs from.

    NO DITHERING REQUIRED: But choosing to attend is an easy choice. The festival will screen 74 films at spots like the Sebastiani Theatre, but the movies aren't the only main event. It is Sonoma, after all, so there will be eats and drinks going down, too (plus, the fest mentions that a half dozen screens'll be walking distance from the Plaza, meaning dinner and a movie will be easily within reach). Like any festival worth its salted popcorn, SIFF has a whole kaboodle of passes to chose from. Eye your perfect pick and price point.

    SO WAIT: We weren't done macking all over La Sarandon. Did you just catch her on "30 Rock"? Can she do anything? Can we keep asking questions here so we can keep the Sarandon love going?