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Summer of Cats: The Lindsay Wildlife Experience Meows

Special feline events dot the Walnut Creek animal center's calendar.



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    Special feline events dot the Walnut Creek animal center's calendar from June through August.

    BY A WHISKER: Truly, there's no prodding or coaxing required when it comes to getting people to think about and love upon cats. If you're into the soft-paw'd, whisker-face wonders, and have one or two at home, their well-being and care is always at the forefront of your feline-focused mind. But reminding meow mavens about a few important matters is always a fine idea, and making it a good time for kids is pretty sweet. The Lindsay Wildlife Experience in Walnut Creek will do just that this summer, during its Summer of Cats -- Felines: Fierce & Friendly! This is the animal care center that tends to the health needs of owls and foxes and a host of critters found in the Great Outdoors, but the staff is also concerned for our domestic animals. Which is why "young visitors" to the museum will be asked to "take the 'Keep My Cat Inside' pledge, reinforcing their message to keep domestic cats inside to prevent injuries, disease and short life span." How is this pledge made? Kids can either color a picture of a kitty, which is provided by the museum, or show up with a snapshot of their own at-home pet. These drawings and photos will all be displayed in the exhibit hall, a cute but urgent reminder that those near and dear to us need us to make a few extra efforts on their behalf.

    FELINE FINE: ART OF CATS II: In addition to the colorful contributions of visitors, the museum will also host a display of "50 new paintings and sculptures by leading artists who specialize in the subject of cats." Both domestic animals and wilder beasties will get the artistic affection. And if you want to join a full-on Family Cat Night, you can, on Friday, June 26. Your baby stays home, true, but you'll get to attend some meet 'n greets with Lindsay Wildlife Experience animals, do some stargazing, and nosh upon food truck goodies. You can, of course, brag it up about your furry one, to everyone you meet there, because you can count on everyone present being very, very enamored with a certain four-footed, felinesque way of life.