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Tahoe Autumn Food Festival: Resort Deal

The Village at Northstar has a deal on for those attending the popular gourmet gathering.



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    The Village at Northstar has a deal on for those attending the popular gourmet gathering.

    STAY CLOSE TO A CUISINE EVENT? It makes beautiful sense. You may be sipping wine, and a short stroll back to your resort room is a sensible follow-up to the activity. You may also want to arrive early at the to-do, the better to be the first to try all of the many bites and samples and flavors, and bed-down spot in the vicinity will give you that full-on, flavor-seeking advantage. And flavors flower heartily at the Lake Tahoe Autumn and Wine Food Festival, an annual late-summer lark that fills out three busy, biteful, multi-happening days. Those days in 2017 are Friday, Sept. 8 through Sunday, Sept. 10, and if you're hoping to attend, keep in mind that The Village at Northstar has an appetizing deal on for foodies seeking a stay-over spot in the festival's immediate area. Well, yes, the festival does stretch its legs a bit, with outings and hikes and such, but the Gourmet Marketplace Vendor Fair, and other gourmand-nice goings-on, happen right in the resort's neck o' the woods.

    THE PACKAGE... involves 20% for those hotel guests attending the foodie festival. You'll need to stay two nights or more to secure that special, so ponder that before reserving. Also ponder this: While fall won't yet achieve its full power by that weekend, foliage-wise, spending a few days in the alpine-awesome location will give you a glorious sneak peek of the leafy loveliness to come. Could some early foliage sightings, some primo wine tastings, a hike, a vendor stroll-by, and lots of exquisite eats be the bridge to autumn you're searching for? Then stay nearby the action, at The Village at Northstar.