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Take the Teeth-Chattering Plunge at Lake Tahoe

Get to Gar Woods for what will likely be the most memorable dip of your year.



    Take the Teeth-Chattering Plunge at Lake Tahoe
    Get to Gar Woods on Saturday, March 3 for what will likely be the most memorable dip of your year.

    THE QUESTION, when it comes to Polar Plunges, and Polar Bear Swims, and the other dip-in-the-lake (or dip-in-the-ocean) events that pop up in wintertime, is not how you'll handle being in the water. Well, yes, of course you'll want to think about how that will go, ahead of doing it, for you may need to pep-talk yourself a little before running into the freezing H2O. But some real thought needs to be devoted to the "before and after" elements of taking the plunge. The before: Getting enough sleep, eating a healthy breakfast or lunch, and making sure your loved ones are invited out to watch you run into the cold, cold water. The after: Ensuring those loved ones have a hefty coat and/or blanket waiting for you, and hugs, and high fives, and that you're all off to enjoy some warm beverages and tales of the day. If you've got your before-and-after-ing lined up ahead of one of California's best-known dunks, the Gar Woods' Annual Polar Bear Swim at North Lake Tahoe, then be there on...

    SATURDAY, MARCH 3: Yep, this is the famous/infamous swim that happens during Snowfest! at North Lake Tahoe, and a peek at the weather coming up, and, of course, the weather we've recently experienced, says this'll really be a teeth-chattering sort of day. Are you up for this sort of goosepimply experience? It happens at 2:30 in the afternoon, which is not the chilliest time of the afternoon, true, but it will be brisk enough, trust. The swim is 250 yards and the waves? Expect "39 degrees" in "bone-chilling waters," eep. There's a post-swim raffle and free appetizers at Gar Woods after the whole high-jinks-y, happy-of-spirit to-do wraps. If you didn't get your Polar Swim in on New Year's Day, there's still time. And consider that early March of 2018 is looking to be even colder than the start of the year, quite possibly. Into it? Up for it? Take the plunge here.