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Pet Adoptions Help Animals and Their New Owners During Pandemic

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During the pandemic, many turned to Bay Area shelters like Pets in Need in Redwood City.

Even older pets and pets with medical needs were adopted. One couple, Sarah Cline and Aaron Newman, adopted Birdie, a puppy that is blind.

"With COVID, it was more of a guarantee that we would be able to be at home and we would be able to take the time that we need to give her training she needs, especially because she’s a puppy," Cline said.

Pets in Need adopted more than 1,500 companions during the year of the pandemic. More than 4,600 animals found homes through Humane Society Silicon Valley.

Berkeley Humane Society provided 800 spay and neuter procedures plus other vet services during the shelter order. It also helped distribute more than 75,000 pounds of pet food.

Increased adoptions weren’t just a benefit to the pets and shelters -- according to, 93% of people who adopted pets say it improved their mental and physical well being and made being at home more enjoyable.

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