Go Big and Stay Home

In compliance with Shelter in Place health and safety guidelines, the East Bay SPCA is closed for regular adoptions, but it is still possible to adopt a shelter dog at this time at their Oakland Adoption Center. They have developed a way to facilitate dog adoptions while still practicing social distancing to keep the staff and community safe. Please continue to visit their page to see when cat adoptions will become available and more updates. 

They are still looking to make matches with their large long-timer dogs and dogs with special needs. They have no puppies available for adoption at this time. During this time, they will be reviewing all applications and making matches with those that best fit the needs of the individual dog rather than the typical first-come first-served procedure.

Complete their adoption application below and send it to with the dog’s name you are interested in as the subject line. Their team of expert adoption matchmakers will review applications and contact you with more information about next steps.  

Not a match? No worries! Once the COVID-19 Shelter in Place restrictions are lifted, they'll re-open their shelters so you can go visit them in person to find your new furry friend.  

For more information and the dog adoption application, click here.

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