San Francisco Relay

Golden Gate Relay

May 2-3, 2020

12 friends – 2 vans – unforgettable bonding - The San Francisco Relay is “California’s Longest Party.” Reach the beach from Napa Valley to Sonoma, Marin, across the Golden Gate Bridge at midnight, through San Francisco and Silicon Valley to the ocean in Santa Cruz. With 36 legs challenging participants of all abilities, run/walk, eat, sleep (or not!), repeat.

GGR is not about being the fastest, but learning to be a winner by giving your best for the team. Surmounting adversity, running/walking in the moonlight and making special friends are part of the GGR romance. It will take strength, strategy, endurance and cooperation to travel many miles with sweaty bodies. Conquer as a team what few dare to face alone. Quench your thirst for challenge and discovery while celebrating life, running and teamwork.

With Organs R Us (ORU), the GGR supports 125,000 Americans waiting for organ donors. Since 1995, the transfer of the baton between teammates has symbolized the transfer of an organ from donor to recipient. Discuss your wishes regarding organ donation with your family. In the long run or walk, organ donation saves lives.

Fierce rivalry - Google 1 and Stanford defend their many GGR championships against Apple, Facebook, Twitter and others. With four Olympians, the 2000 Sportbrain team set the course record of 17 hrs., 55 min. Team Dean (Karnazes) has won fifteen ultra titles. Google (seven time champions) commented that the GGR was a fantastic team building experience by reinforcing values that employees need to create a winning company.

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WHEN: May 2-3, 2020

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