Veteran's Day Special Events at the USS Hornet Musem

The USS Hornet Museum will honor some of our country’s most heroic veterans from World War II with special Veteran’s Day events this year. This national holiday will feature two special events, in the morning and evening. The morning will begin with an annual service and a commemorative wreath-toss, followed by activities honoring Carrier Air Group 11, one of the fighter squadrons that flew from USS Hornet CV-11 during WWII. Surviving members of the group will be special guests for a panel discussion and meet and greet. At 1:00 PM, the museum will unveil a new exhibit featuring the group.

The evening will then commence with a reception and special screening of the new documentary “Eleven,” an amazing film about the surviving Air Group 11 members. Meet the director, George Retelas, and some of the featured Air Group 11 members.

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When: November 11, 2014

Where: USS Hornet Museum


Time: 11:00 AM 

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