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Lawyers for Polanski, Victim Ask U.S. Court to Dismiss Case

At is issue is whether case can proceed with Polanski not in courtroom



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    Director Roman Polanski is fighting extradition.

    Roman Polanski’s victim has renewed her call that longstanding sexual misconduct charges against the Oscar-winning director be dropped under a new law that lets victims have a say in their cases.

    Samantha Geimer’s lawyer surprised a Los Angeles appellate courtroom with the request Thursday during a hearing on whether a lower court could continue to decide the case, The Associated Press reported.

    Prosecutors argue the case should be put on hold until Polanski – who was arrested last summer in Switzerland and is under house arrest – is extradited back to the U.S.

    Polanski’s lawyer argues the director need not be present in the courtroom to decide the case. The lawyer, Chad Hummel, argues the 1977 case should be dropped under judicial and prosecutorial misconduct grounds.

    The judges did not reach a decision on Thursday, which would not have immediate bearing on Polanski’s extradition fight, according to the AP.