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LiLo to Papa Lohan: Stop Your Lies

Lindsay tells Michael Lohan to be a "real father"



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    Michael Lohan and his famous daughter are in another feud.

    Lindsay Lohan says her dad should stop spreading lies about her in the media.

    The 23-year-old starlet tells that she has cut all ties to her famous father after Michael Lohan said his little girl had become a “hollow person” in need of an intervention for an addiction to prescription drugs.

    "I'm so hurt that someone who calls himself my father needs to use the press to communicate with me," Lindsay said.

    She said she came to the decision in the months after her home was burglarized in August.

    "I have not spoken to my father, nor have I responded to his threatening and erratic messages over the last several months," Lohan said.

    In an interview with Maury Povitch last week, Michael Lohan told the talk show host that he “hated” to speak out about his troubled daughter.

    But he said he needed to “reach out” before it was too late.

    "There's nothing left of her," he told Povitch. "I was out in L.A. with her about three weeks ago when she got robbed. She called me up at 3:30 a.m. and said, 'Daddy, come out here.' I flew out and couldn't even look at her. I had to go outside and cry. When I hugged her, it's just a hollow, hollow person."

    In follow-up comments to a photo agency, Lohan said he would try to put Lindsay under conservatorship or even “take her to an undisclosed location and get her straight,” Access Hollywood reported.

    Michael’s comments sparked a backlash by mama Lohan, Dina, who told People her ex should quit giving interviews about their daughter. He should “focus on being a parent” by paying late child support, she said.

    On Monday, Lindsay piled on, calling it “sad” that her dad “needs to stay in the media spotlight by using my name and making up excessive lies.”

    "He should instead try to be a real father," she said.

    On Monday, a judge approved another year of probation stemming from Lohan’s 2007 drunk driving arrest.