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Caitlyn Jenner Explains Why She Didn't Transition 20 Years Ago, How Kris Jenner Affected Her Decision

Former Olympian says meeting Kris Jenner put a halt to her plans.



    During her groundbreaking interview with Diane Sawyer last year, Caitlyn Jenner revealed her lifelong struggle of feeling more like a woman than a man. She even acknowledged that she began her transition while in her 30s, nearly 20 years before she eventually decided to follow through entirely with the process.

    So what prevented her from transitioning for so long?

    The Olympian opened up in a video (obtained by "Today") for the Makers Conference on Tuesday afternoon that celebrated women's stories. She explained how she began the process of transitioning into a woman in the '80s but eventually changed her mind.

    "I started doing things to make me feel better about myself. I started on hormones. I was a good 36B. I loved them. I thought this was fabulous," she explained. "My mission at that point was to transition before I was 40. Got to 39 [and] I just couldn't go any further."

    She recalled, "Three or four months later, I met Kris [Jenner]. We hit it off from day one. I was very honest with her. I had to be, I was a 36B. Everything was really heading in the right direction, and I made this decision to move on with my life, Kris and I together with this family. "

    In order to build a strong and happy relationship with Kris, Jenner decided to stop the transition process.

    "I got to get rid of these gender things and get off hormones and this and that," she explained of her thought process at the time. "I actually had my boobs removed. I never told anyone that."

    However, Jenner still needed some type of outlet. Thus, the couple created a plan.

    "The rules with Kris and I were: 'Don't dress up, certainly around the house. If you really need to do that, when you're on the road, take stuff and do that.' So I did that for years."

    Jenner's full video was revealed at the Maker's Conference where she joined other leading ladies in the industry, including: Halle Berry, Sheryl Sandberg and America Ferrera and more.

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