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Helena Bonham Carter vs. Lindsay Lohan: Elizabeth Taylor Showdown

BBC orders new biopic revolving around relationship between iconic actress and Richard Burton.



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    Well, whaddya know? There's a new Elizabeth Taylor in town.

    It looks like another biopic is on the way, after Deadline reported that BBC has ordered Burton and Taylor, a movie revolving around the relationship of Taylor and Richard Burton during their appearance in a 1983 revival of the Noel Coward play, "Private Lives," which ran for 63 performances on Broadway.

    And Helena Bonham Carter, along with Dominic West, are set to star in the TV film.

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    Let the comparisons begin!

    Even if you've tried, we can't forget that Lindsay Lohan most recently portrayed the late legend in the Lifetime movie "Liz & Dick," costarring Grant Bowler.

    It wasn't all bad, but even the good parts were only good because they were bad--however, we can't automatically assume that Carter's role will triumph over LiLo. Unless you really want to.

    But seriously, who do you think is the better Elizabeth Taylor? Sound off in the comments!

    Remember Lohan as Liz Taylor?