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Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon Address "Tonight Show" Reports in Parody Duet



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    Late night talk show hosts Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno have something to sing about.

    There are no hard feelings between Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno.

    The two late-night comics teamed up to address reports of Fallon taking the helm at "The Tonight Show" with a humorous parody of the "West Side Story" song "Tonight." The sketch took place during a transition between "The Tonight Show" and "Late Night" on Monday.

    It starts with the comedy pair in their offices. Shots of newspapers with headlines covering the rumors are strewn about the room. Leno calls Fallon on the phone.

    Leno: I've been through this before, you know? Gotta admit, I get a little sick of all this.

    Fallon: Jay, can I ask you something? We're still friends, right?

    Leno: Of course we're still friends.

    And then the singing begins.

    Leno belted out lyrics about his success as host. "Tonight, tonight, my ratings were alright," he crooned. "Twenty years and I'm still in first place."

    They also fielded doubts about their friendship as they sang in unison to address the naysayers.

    "Tonight, tonight, why do they say we fight? I like you, you like me, we're ok!"

    The video comes in the wake of unconfirmed reports that Fallon would take over as the host of the long-running "Tonight Show" after Leno's contract ends in the fall of 2014. "The Tonight Show" would be re-located from Burbank, Calif., to New York, where Fallon would take over hosting duties, according to a New York Times report that cited anonymous sources.

    NBC has not confirmed any host switch or move to New York, where "The Tonight Show" first was conceived in 1954. The network has said only that construction is underway on a new state-of-the-art studio for Fallon. "Tonight" has been based in Los Angeles since Johnny Carson moved the show to Burbank in 1972.

    As for the funny duet, Leno and Fallon may have raised more questions than they answered.

    Fallon: In the news all they say is I'm replacing you, they think I can woo the demo.

    Leno: So the network says here's an idea, pack your bags, take a hike, NBC.

    Fallon: Tonight, tonight, who's going to host tonight? Is it going to be Jimmy or Jay?