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NBC Daytime

NBC Daytime

McKinnon's Ellen DeGeneres Returns to 'Ellen'

"Saturday Night Live" star impersonates the daytime talk show host, telling DeGeneres "I got this."



    Ellen DeGeneres was seeing double Wednesday.

    The daytime talk show host invited Kate McKinnon to make another appearance on her eponymous daytime talk show. "I love her so much. She impersonates me on 'Saturday Night Live.' She's beautiful, she's smart, she's charming, she's hilarious – she's me, is what she is," DeGeneres told her studio audience.

    "She really is hilarious, but it's weird to have somebody do impressions of you because you hear it and you're like, 'Well, that's such an exaggeration. I mean, it's funny, but that doesn't sound like me at all.' And then the next day your friends call you up and they're like, 'Did you see Kate on 'SNL'? She sounded exactly like you.' She does exaggerate. She always says, 'I'm Ellen! I'm Ellen!' I don't even know what that is. 'I'm Ellen!'"

    Enter McKinnon, who walked onstage wearing the exact same outfit as DeGeneres. "I'm Ellen. Step aside, blondie," she said before announcing that she would be delivering the monologue.

    "Hi y'all. Happy Wednesday. I gotta tell you about something that happened last night up at the house. [Portia de Rossi] and I got a puppy and we named it Kid to make it sound like we have a kid. Funnily enough a kid is a baby goat. And I love baby goats! I love 'em! I love baby goats!" McKinnon said while in character. "True story: I once went on a ski vacation with a baby goat."

    DeGeneres corrects her in the top video, saying, "That's not true at all." 

    And dance they did. Later in the episode, McKinnon ditched her DeGeneres costume and talked about some of the other famous people she impersonates on NBC's "Saturday Night Live," like Justin Bieber and Hillary Clinton. "It is a lot of pressure because all my impressions come out of absolute love for whoever I'm doing. You most of all, of course," she said. 

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