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Sofia Vergara Opens Up About Her Wedding to Joe Manganiello and Teases Ellen DeGeneres for Not Attending



    'Ellen': Sofia Vergara Dishes on Her Wedding to Joe Manganiello

    Sofia Vergara stops by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and chats about her recent wedding to "Magic Mike" star Joe Manganiello. (Published Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015)

    Fresh off her honeymoon in Turks and Caicos, Sofia Vergara made her first post-wedding talk show appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Thursday. Host Ellen DeGeneres began by apologizing to her guest. "I'm sorry I couldn't make the wedding," she said. "I appreciate..."

    "You're not really sorry," Vergara teased, cutting her off mid-sentence. "Why didn't you make a little more effort to go? It's not like they're not holding the production for you for one day." DeGeneres said she isn't able to put the show on hold as she has to tape a new episode every day. "If you would have had it in town [I would have attended], but you had it in Florida," she explained.

    The "Modern Family" star said her wedding "was like a dream, like a fairy tale. Like, it came out perfectly like how I wanted. I have to say, the people that work helping me do the wedding [were] amazing!" DeGeneres noted that it's hard to plan a wedding that's out of town because "you can't see anything until you're there," but Vergara joked that it was easy. "But I knew what I wanted, so..." she said.

    "Look how tough she is," DeGeneres said. "'But I knew what I wanted!'"

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    "I knew I wanted you to come, but I guess I wasn't good enough for you," the actress continued. "Were you intimidated because of the dancing that was gonna go on there? You do your little dancing here, but I had a feeling you thought you were not going to be able to measure up with the Latin people. But there were also American people there. I married an American, so..."

    The reception and after-party lasted until 6 a.m., but "not everybody" got drunk, Vergara said. The "Modern Family" cast, including her TV husband Ed O'Neill, did get tipsy, though. "They had a great time, I think," she said, adding that the wedding was filled with "a lot of food, a lot of flowers, a lot of nice people." Once again, she reminded DeGeneres, "You missed a very good party."

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