Tituss Burgess Blasts Brooklyn Moving Company on Yelp

"Help me shut these guys down," the "Kimmy Schmidt" actor wrote to Yelp

Most bad Yelp reviews don't actually cause businesses to change their ways, but the "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" actor Tituss Burgess's moving company horror story, which he posted to Yelp Wednesday, got the attention of the entire company.

The Emmy-nominated actor accused Franks Express moving company in Brooklyn of refusing to pick up his couch unless he gave a positive Yelp review before the movers arrived.

He explained what happened in a Yelp review, which appears to have since been deleted, though other news outlets have posted screenshots of it. And Yelp's official Twitter account responded when Burgess' tweeted a link to his review.

"That biz owner's behavior is totally unacceptable. Could you DM us more details? So sorry you had this experience," Yelp wrote.

Burgess's response: "Help me shut these guys down."

Franks Express, meanwhile, told Entertainment Weekly that they don't take reservations by phone. Manager Guzel Gurva said she is going to contact the actor for proof of his interactions.

"The problem is that we don’t know this guy,” Gurva said. “We never did that. I don’t know what company [he] did it with, but it’s definitely not Franks Express.”

Burgess also recounted what happened in a video on his Instagram account (note: explicit language) that's been played over 20,000 times.

He said he arranged to have Franks' movers pick up his couch Wednesday morning. When they hadn't arrived 30 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time, Burgess called again, and was told movers were 15 minutes away. He was apparently asked to post a Yelp review.

Burgess said he agreed after being told he would receive half-off. But, when he hung up the phone, he said he received a text saying, "No review no show."

That was apparently the last straw — Burgess gave up on the move and posted a scathing review. "I called him about 9 times but he wouldnt (sic) pick up but he somehow was capable of texting," the actor wrote, according to the screenshots.

The business's Yelp page said Wednesday night that the company is monitoring the page due to media reports, and a wave of one-star reviews were posted Wednesday evening, apparently in light of the review.

One user from Tennessee summed up his supposed experience with lyrics from a raunchy song Burgess's "Kimmy Schmidt" character, named Titus Andromedon, has become famous for: "Pinot noir. Roseanne Barr. Midsized car."

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