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Mad Men: Right To The Moon!

Don and Sally hit it off



    Mad Men: Right To The Moon!

    Connie calls Don in the middle of the night and demands a proposal by noon the next day, so Don heads into the office before the sun comes up and happens to come across Sally's teacher, who's out for a run.

    Don confesses to being fascinated by her, but she turns him down when he asks her to have coffee with him. However, when he shows up to her house late on another night, despite the fact that she points out how reckless it is to do this so close to home, she takes him to bed, which probably will obviate the need for her morning run.

    All the work Hilton's demanding is making Don even crabbier than usual with Creative, as well as an insomniac. Hilton then calls Don to his hotel for a late-night meeting and tells him it's his dream and duty to bring America to the rest of the world, and says he wants goodness and confidence to be part of his ad campaign.

    He drunkenly tells Don that he's like a son to him, even more so than his own, and Don seems genuinely touched. He's less so, however, when after a pitch meeting Don thought was great, Connie clears out the room and chews Don out for not taking something he said about going to the moon literally and incorporating it into the campaign. Roger later comes in to Don and tells him he needs help from Accounts to keep the clients happy, despite his apparent belief that he can do it all.

    Betty's dreaming about Francis, and she starts a mail correspondence with him that leads to him impetuously coming to her house. When Carla catches them, he covers with a story about how the Draper house would be great for a fundraiser, but Carla's mother didn't raise a fool, even though Betty keeps up the charade and actually goes through with the event. She's disappointed, though, when Francis sends a proxy in his stead, and the next day, she petulantly takes the strongbox with the contributions and literally throws it at him, but when she realizes that having her come to him on this exact errand was his plan, they kiss, but she then tells him it can't go any further than that, and ends things, this time for good, I think.

    Finally, Sal's directing a commercial for Lucky Strike, and the younger client from the pilot, Lee Garner Jr., is on hand to make a pass at him. Sal tries to tell Lee he's got the wrong idea, but Lee is very assured in his assessment of Sal's true orientation, causing Sal quite a bit of consternation, and that's without knowing that Lee then drunkenly calls Harry and tells him he needs to get Sal off the commercial. Harry decides to do nothing, hoping that Lee was so drunk he either didn't mean it or won't remember, but when Lee shows up to see the finished product, he takes one look at Sal and heads for the door, and the result is that Roger fires Sal on the spot, which is a lot worse than just being taken off the commercial.

    Roger then sends Harry in to Don to tell him to fix the whole thing, after which Sal confesses the truth to Don, but, rather upsettingly, Don tells Sal he should have submitted to Lee's advances before shaking his hand and telling him he'll do fine outside of SC. In the end, Sal calls his wife and tells her he won't be home, which I can only assume means he's either going to sleep with Lee or kill him. Not sure which would be the better option for Sal, but I know which one I'd prefer.