• Oct 20, 2014

    Sysco Food Corp. Employees Claim Food Sheds Commonly Used Throughout U.S. and Canada

    Employees of Sysco Corporation, the world’s largest food distributor, shed light on the dirty and longstanding practices of storing food in outdoor, unrefrigerated sheds across the U.S. and Canada. Their testimonies to NBC Bay Area have launched inquiries by Canadian government officials and have prompted an apology and pledge to “improve oversight...
  • Oct 20, 2014

    Sysco Corporation Regrets Storing Food in Sheds Throughout United States and Canada

    Sysco Corporation announced sweeping changes to its operations tonight that will improve food safety for millions of people who eat food provided by the world’s largest food distributor.

  • Oct 20, 2014

    Sysco Food Stored in Dirty Sheds Served to Bay Area Restaurants

    NBC Bay Area learned Sysco Corporation rented 14 outdoor public storage units for years and used them as makeshift warehouses for raw meats, milk, and produce destined for restaurants and other clients across Northern California. After weeks of surveillance, the investigative unit questioned Sysco employees about the practice and revealed its findi...
  • Jul 9, 2013

    Sysco Food Found at Storage Sheds Served to the Public

    Sysco Corporation, one of the nation’s largest food distributors, is under investigation by the California Department of Public Health after an NBC Bay Area investigation discovered over a dozen outdoor storage sheds used to keep perishable food items. Vicky Nguyen reports.

  • May 20, 2017

    Sysco Food Kept at Storage Sheds Served to Public

    The Investigative Unit finds raw meat, dairy, and produce among the food items kept in hot outdoor storage lockers rented by Sysco Corporation, one of the nation’s largest food distributors; the discovery has prompted state health inspectors to investigate.

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