9/2: From the Gift Shop to the Living Room

"Exit Through the Gift Shop" and Teedra Moses

If you were like everyone else and got caught staring at all those pretty Banksy pictures long enough to miss the movie about the notorious British tagger, you're in luck. The elusive British street artist was rumored to be all over San Francisco last April leaving his mark ahead of the premiere of a movie about his life. You can see the movie that inspired the art again at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco tonight.

Teedra Moses likes to get intimate with her crowd. Not in an inappropriate way but just close enough to make a connection so fans can go home with something to talk about. After years of writing songs for others, the singer finally has her own audience and she doesn't take it for granted. "It's like coming to my living room,"Moses says about seeing her live. You can take a seat in her living room this evening and enjoy dinner while you're at it. The singer will perform at Yoshi's Oakland at 8 p.m.

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