Bay Area Massage Parlor Ranked Tops in Country

See what got this place national recognition

When opening Oxygen Massage Therapy a year ago, Adam Gordon wanted to offer amazing massages for a wide variety of needs ranging from repetitive stress and sports injuries to headaches and anxiety.

But he did not expect national recognition of Oxygen's quality to come so quickly.

Allure Magazine's Salon and Spa Directory is known for finding the best salon and spa treatments around the country.
This November, Allure's printed edition included a directory of "Top Massages from New York to Los Angeles," with only one featured treatment in San Francisco and guess which one it was?

Yup, Oxygen Massage Therapy was ranked as one of the top places to get a massage.
"We've experienced our share of forgettable rubdowns, but Gordon's Memory Foam massage table made a lasting impression," Alure said. "The plush mat hugged every inch of our body while Gordon kneaded our toughest spots and gently manipulated our neck, back, and arms. At session's end, our stress was a distant memory."

At Oxygen Massage Therapy, clients continue to receive a variety of sports, deep tissue, Thai and Shiatsu massage techniques combined and applied to create a unique massage experience for each individual.

"This kind of recognition is really the icing on the cake," Gordon said, owner and founder of Oxygen Massage Therapy. "It is a privilege to work with a team of such skillful and kind therapists, and to help and heal so many clients. We are honored to be included in Allure's prestigious directory."

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