Anti-Energy “Drank” Hits Shelves in California

Soporific fizzy drink promises to "slow your roll"

Shortly after alcoholic energy drink Sparks was removed from store shelves, along comes its antithesis: Drank.

With common sleep aids melatonin and valerian, which are often purchased in health food stores in pill form, Drank promises to knock you out, not pick you up. It's being advertised to everyone from hip-hop heads and athletes to insomniacs and jet-set professionals.

But mixed with vodka, a popular pastime with more stimulating drinks, it's potential date rape or respiratory failure in a can!

That's thanks to a process called potentiation -- mixing multiple depressants doesn't just double or triple their effects, but can exponentially increase drowsiness.

The drink, which is widely available in the southeast, is likely inspired by "sizzurp," created by mixing promethazine and codeine syrup with fruit juice. By using ingredients considered "nutritional supplements" and not drugs, drinks like Drank can avoid pesky regulation.

So if you are feeling a little edgy, take it easy, because a couple of accidental deaths and Drank will be pulled just as quickly as Sparks was.

Jackson West figures demand for drank is a likely psychosocial reaction to the economic downturn.

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