Art Imitating Life on the Bay Bridge

Plus, decorate your sniffles and a new skirt...for winter


BAY BRIDGE BLISS:  A beautiful perspective on the bay bridge, a monument most likely taken for granted in your east-west commute. 510 by evon is a masterpiece with its unexpectedly soothing combination of orange and purple.

SKIRTING THE ISSUES: It is getting colder, but with the right layering you can continue to wear all your favorite summer clothes. Get your hands on the Ring Blouse and Flow Skirt from Nicacelly. It's part of their summer collection, but paired with some plum tights and a boyfriend cardigan, this outfit is chic and cool friendly.

THE SNIFFLES jUST GOT CUTE: It's that time of year, just about everybody's getting sick. From swine flu to regular flu to allergies to the good old common cold, the time is ripe for tissues! Grab the Polopolo Small Tissue Box Cover, an accessory to make your runny nose a little more glamorous.


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