Atari's Classics Lands on iPads, iPhones

Remember all those late nights, playing Asteroids and Centipede on a TV that weighed about 1,000 pounds and was 24-inches thick? Or slipping quarters into a Tempest machine at the local 7-Eleven? Or was that just me??

No matter, because now we can all play Atari's Greatest Hits on our super-sexy (and thin) iPad tablets and game-changing iPhones -- that's 100 time-sucking games for only $15. Users can also download single games for 99 cents each.

Games like Pong, Missile Command, Super Breakout, Battlezone and Yar's Revenge (just trying to jog some memories here).

Many comments in the customer reviews point to some jangly controls and small displays on the iPad. This could be learning curve, too, since each game has individual controls.

Maybe that 99 cents for major Havoc is a worthy test-case scenario, after all.

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