Baby's Got Hungry Eyes in Hollywood

When American Cinematheque threw its huge "Dirty Dancing" party and screening at The Egyptian last month, we got to thinking about that particular pop culture phenomenon, and other pop culture phenomenons, and movies in general, and why, after two decades, "Dirty" keeps cleaning clocks with its fan following and its unimpeachable place in filmdom's pantheon.

Good acting, great music, a fun setting, an interesting time period, the Swayze-ish moves... that all went into it. But we're going to go out on a Catskills pine tree limb here and say that "Dirty Dancing" endures because people wish they could be in it. There, we said it. It's not a bad thing, right? To want to be in the story of the movie. We've all been there. 'Fess up.

And now that "Dirty Dancing" is stepping on the stage at Pantages -- this isn't the film, it is a full-on, razzmatazz-y musical -- we think this feeling will only grow. It's such a romantic world, a summer love story, with steamy hot cha-cha-cha moves. Family drama. And pearls-and-cardigans resort wear. We want to say the occasional shuffleboard game, too? Yes to all that.

If you love the "Dirty" and you're mad for musicals, make for Tinseltown: The show runs May 8-June 28 at Pantages. 

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