CAMP Hate-apalooza: Another Group Joins The Lineup

Another organization is speaking out against the single greatest threat facing our beloved city - Don Fisher's Contemporary Art Museum at the Presidio. Things have been so simple and direct so far, why not throw some more people into the mix? The recently reestablished Presidio Neighborhood Representative Working Group, a 13-headed hydra of other neighborhood groups first formed to defend the park from the invading Empire of George Lucas, don't exactly have anything new to contribute to the conversation other than the tired line about how CAMP would be better located in the ever-expanding Yerba Buena Museum District, and how it will disrupt the natural setting, create traffic problems, yada, yada, yada. We've heard that song before, guys. Undeterred, a representative from the family said that the GAP founder continues to move forward with his plans to RUIN EVERYONE'S LIFE. For those looking to add their voice to the growing chorus of discontent or the brave souls willing to speak out in defense of the project, the Presdio Trust will hold a public meeting on October 14th.
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