Canseco Calls Bonds Trial ‘Ridiculous’

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Jose Canseco is on the "Celebrity Apprentice." He has done celebrity boxing. He has done [insert ridiculous thing that people desperate for money and attention do here].

So when he calls Barry Bonds' trial "ridiculous," well, you know things have gotten out of hand.

"I think it's ridiculous," Canseco said. "They're not going to find him guilty. If they do find him guilty, they'll have to go after Roger Clemens and millions of other players who perjured themselves before congressional members.

But maybe it's just Jose being Jose. (It's like Manny being Manny, but with even less sense.) And have there even been millions of baseball players? Like in the history of the game? Because I think it would mean that every single baseball player every would have to have done steroids. 

Or something. Either way, he wasn't done!

"There's so many other major issues in this world that need more attention. Meanwhile, they're creating his million-dollar trial on perjury charges?" Canseco said. "Not the fact that he used steroids, that's more important. But the fact that he perjured himself under oath? I mean, hundreds of thousands of people do that daily and get away with that."

See, just when you think Canseco might have learned something in his second 15-minute run, you read one of his quotes and realize that he's about as self-aware as someone from the first season of "Jersey Shore."

That being said, the only point Jose might have here is if Bonds ends up getting convicted and ends up with less than a year of house arrest or something ridiculously simple like that. In which case, yes, there are many more issues that deserve the federal government's attention.

But until then, there's really no reason to give Canseco any more of a podium than he's already got.

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