CCSF Chinatown Gets Green Light! (Sort Of, For Now)

Smack down! CCSF's Chinatown high-rise has emerged (temporarily) victorious after Judge Paul Alvarado denied an injunction yesterday to stop the construction of the building. This sounds like the final chapter in City College's battle to get their Chinatown campus built. But it's not -- after clearing hurdles over building height and sensitivity to its historic surroundings, the building still faces a full-on lawsuit brought by Montgomery Washington (over its out-of-scale-ness, natch), and another lawsuit by a neighborhood group over the project's environmental review (hey, what's a controversial project without an EIR suit?). If the campus is every actually build— and we'll put in a guess that it will, after the requisite number of eyes are scratched out— it'll house 42 classrooms and labs across two buildings: a 14-story on Kearny and Washington, and a four-story on Washington and Columbus. Sit tight.
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