Celeb Fashion Tips to Avoid Sticky Situations

Fashion staple helps avoid embarrassing moments

Sometimes we need an excuse to show a video because we like it so much but have no real news hook to justify publishing it. So our excuse today is actually a great fashion tip to help you avoid a social nightmare, as you are about to see and our friends over at Pure Style Girlfriends (who pitched us an interview with a tape expert of some sort this morning).

Double sided fashion tape: don't mingle in high society without it. The company creates tapes, breast lifts and silicone discs to enhance and cover and keep you from needing to cover (with silicon discs anyway) everything from your nipples to your behind and more.

The products are aimed at celebs, or fabulous people who want to look like celebs, and go to high society events where they may show a little more skin than usual or want that extra lift to look extra Pamela Anderson-esque without all the surgery.

"As I watched various tv shows and talked to girlfriends, it struck me how many of us are putting our bodies in the hands of doctors and surgeons for permanent solutions to problems that just don't need permanent solutions," says Pure Style Girlfriends CEO Juliana Lutzi said in a statement.

Stay Put double sided fashion tape keeps those slinky dresses in place and also keeps a hem up, even after it has come undone. And it is a good tool to use to keep your designer jeans from dragging on the floor.

Just think of the possibilities. If only Ms. Janet Jackson had been given some tape by Justin Timberlake before they sand at the Super Bowl, or the paparazzi handed some to Tara Reid before she walked down the red carpet. How different the world would be.

And well cooking celeb and talk show host Paula Dean could have used some double sided sticky tape from Ms. Lutzi when her drawstring pants slipped off to bare her bare bottom (the whole reason we wrote this piece was to have a good laugh at this video. Not that we want to show her behind, but it is amusing and well we've featured Ms. Deen several times in our dining section).

Only if Ms. Deen had had the double sided sticky tape you can bet she could have avoided this viral embarrassment.

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