DJ Platurn Shares His Sushi Grooves

'The Main Ingredient' is inspired by the food world

Further proving that food is the new music, Oakland mixmaster DJ Platurn has dropped a tasty mixed set of food songs called The Main Ingredient V1.

The 54-minute mix shows off rap and soul's respective penchants for using sushi and other food as metaphors for subjects like money, beauty and power. With a blend of artists like Prince, Jay-Z, Ice T and Nina Simone, Platurn says he's trying to achieve the audio equivalent to umami, the Japanese word for the elusive "fifth taste" that's not quite sweet, sour, salty or bitter but somehow a combination of all of the above.

The Main Ingredient V1 is available for purchase as a digital album on Bandcamp and can also be streamed for free on Mixcrate.

The project is a collaboration with Sushibar, a restaurant from Corpus Christi, Texas. But Platurn shares his top recommendations for sushi around these parts:

DJ Platurn's Top Five Bay Area Sushi Restaurants

1. Koryo: 4390 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland; 510-594-0661

2. Ichiro: 412 15th Street, Oakland; 510-452-1994

3. Coach: 532 Grand Avenue, Oakland; 510-834-7866

4. Sushi Ran: 107 Caledonia Street, Sausalito; 415-332-3620

5. Ozumo: 161 Steuart Street, San Francisco; 415-882-1333 and 2251 Broadway, Oakland; 510-286-9866

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