Do You Follow the ‘Tan Commandments'?

With four variations of high-performance stand-up tanning booths and custom Instant Tan powered by Mystic UV-free tanning solutions, men and women of all ages can finally get the perfect base tan or sparkling bronze glow they’ve always dreamed of at Hollywood Tans in San Diego. has your "Tan Commandments", a list of ten essential tips to achieve the ultimate spray tan experience.

Start Fresh – For the best spray tan results, exfoliate and clean your skin to remove any oil fragrances or deodorants and expose the top layer of skin.

Don’t Mix Oil and Water – Spray tan solutions are water-based and it’s best to use a water-based moisturizer before you tan.

Protect Fingernails, Toenails and Hands – Use barrier cream on your fingernails, toenails and palms of hands to prevent these areas from absorbing the tan solution, since they would not normally tan with natural UV exposure.

Pull Hair Back – Loose hair can cause lines around your face or neck area.

Practice Good Form – Body position is important for consistent coverage.

Scent Up – Use spray tan aroma droplets to enhance the experience and leave with a fresh scent on your skin.

Pat Down – When your spray tan session is complete and you’ve left the booth, get a dry towel and use a patting motion to remove any excess solution.

Wait to Shower – You should wait four to six hours after your spray tan to shower so it has time to set.

Moisturize to Maintain – A spray tan usually lasts between five and seven days, but you can extend the life of your tan and ensure even fading by using moisturizer often.

Sample a Signature Cocktail – Spray tanning is very effective, but when combined with traditional UV tanning, the results are even more remarkable.

For more details on the "Tan Commandments" read's article "Mystic Tanning Tips from San Diego Hollywood Tans."

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