FU Recession

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THE MISSION—File under "Things You May Want to Be Aware Of": from now until 4/20, Four Barrel Coffee is handing out free coffee every Monday morning from 8am to 10am in what owner Jeremy Tooker is calling his "F.U. Recession" giveaway. [SFW[

MEMORY LANE—Thomas Keller prodigy Grant Achatz, on his worst night at the French Laundry: "It's a long story but basically it started the day before when I forgot to order the appropriate amount of fish for the following day's service. Corby [Kummer] was observing in the French Landry kitchen for research on an article for the Atlantic and quietly witnessed me go down in flames and nearly take the entire kitchen with me." [MP:C]

WINE COUNTRY—We know the wine industry is suffering, but we're not sure if we can support this new Mondavi brainstorm. From the St. Helena Star: "Michael Mondavi is now in the tequila business ... Michael said that he saw the similarity of fine wine and fine tequila and was intrigued by the opportunity to get involved in the production of tequila. Watch for 'Mondavi Margaritas.'" Heavens. [SHS]

THE INTERNETS—Remember TableXchange, the resy scalper service that was briefly the bane of local restaurateurs' existence, until it flopped here last year? Well, the thing about resy scalpers is that when tables are suddenly easy to score during a recession, they kinda go out of business. [~ENY~]

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