Foodies Ravenous for Street Food Fest

Everybody eats. But how many people Eat Real?

When the "Eat Real" festival comes to Oakland later this month (Aug. 27 through Aug. 29), it'll bring with it a slew of tasty, locally-sourced street food -- and, organizers say, at an attractive price.

After last year's fest drew 70,000 people, organizers expanded the boundaries of the festival and doubled the number of vendors from 40 to 80. Attendees will get to sample wares from 4505 Meats, Ritual Roasters, Fat Bottom Bakery, and the adorably-named Curry Up Now.

And then there's the events. Seven bands have been lined up to play, and there'll be live demonstrations of amazing culinary feats. Ever want to see a noodle-pull? Well, now's your chance. And what kind of street food event would this be without a steer-butchering contest? Ambitious chefs will also compete in categories including canning, brewing, and fermenting.

And who knew -- apparently jam-making is the new big thing for young urban sophisticates?

One booth to keep an eye on is Gerard's Paella. After slow sales at last month's California State Fair, Gerard's pulled out, with blame falling on high prices and a lousy location. The food itself reviewed favorably, so it remains to be seen how it will perform at Oakland's event.

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