Half Off Cupcakes!!

Plus, a stunning shot of Shiva and new meets old with vintage online

CUPCAKES HALF OFF: When you've got a sweet tooth, there is no better combination of works in the English language. Today only, grab a dozen gourmet treats from Cups and Cakes Bakery at 50% off! They even have a root beer float flavor... [funcheapSF]

YOU WANNA GET AWAY?: If you didn't before, you sure will now! The aptly named Wanderlust Prints gives us this stunning print of the God Shiva standing in front of an orange sunset near the Ganges river in India. Since you probably can't jet off to south Asia right now, this shot is the next best thing.

TEARDROPS FALL: Vintage shopping is a treasured experience, but when sifting through musty sweaters loses its appeal, try this online vintage shop, Mother's Daughter. The Tiered Teardrop Shift Dress is right at your fingertips - certainly a find worth searching for. [SF Indie Fashion]


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