Jet Bridge to Nowhere

A passenger loading bridge dropped Friday afternoon as it was being extended toward a plane at Los Angeles International Airport, but no injuries were reported in the mishap.

The jet bridge, which may not have been connected properly, malfunctioned around 2:50 p.m. at Terminal 6, said Melissa Kelley of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

"It fell a little bit, but there were no people on it at the time," Kelley said. "We just needed to get the people off the plane somehow."

Passengers were unloaded from the back of the plane via portable stairs.

Nancy Suey Castles of LAX said Frontier Airlines Flight 413 had just arrived from Denver and docked at a gate when the passenger loading bridge collapsed onto the fuselage while being extended from the terminal to the aircraft door.

Castles said an investigation would be conducted into why the loading bridge failed.

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