Jill Biden Has Fashion Sense, Too

We get it: The First Lady is the future of fashion. But what is the veep's wife, chopped liver?

Can we give Michelle "She's the New Jackie O" Obama five minutes out of the spotlight, people?

As The Cut very correctly points out, Mrs. O isn't the only fashion plate in the new administration. (And we're not talking about sexy personal chef Sam Kass's sexy chef's whites. Did we mention how sexy he is? We want to make him into au jus and sop him up with some spongebread. And no, we are not ashamed of this.) The veep's partner, wife-of-Joe, Jill Biden, doesn't exactly dig through her hamper for yesterday's Old Navy sweatpants.

As The Cut's excellent slideshow of her public-eye outfits demonstrates, Biden's got serious style. Sure, she may not be responsible for crashing the J.Crew website (seriously?), but girlfriend is a sporty, all-American beauty with classic features and style, and bless her for looking her age in the very best way. Also? She's one of the only vice-presidential spouses to keep working while her hubs is in office. In case you missed it, Dr. Biden has just started teaching literature classes at Northern Virginia Community College.

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