KUSF Rock ‘N' Swap: A Digging Tradition

Sale going strong after 25 years

Spring beckons, and for record collectors that means another season of digging through yard sale junk, thrift store cut-out bins and flea market tables. But before you get your hands too dirty, head over to the quarterly KUSF Rock ‘N’ Swap, organized by online station KUSF.org.

Held for the past 25 years on the University campus, the KUSF swap usually offers dozens of record dealers selling every kind of music imaginable, from rare funk 45s to vintage psych-rock LPs. The items range from outrageously expensive albums worth hundreds of dollars to bargain-basement finds for a few dollars. At one swap meet, I found a record for $5, and it turned out to be worth $100!

That’s an extreme example, but the lesson is that digging around and waiting for the right purchase pays off. Just remember to hang onto a few dollars until you scout the entire room, which can be difficult considering all the good stuff to be found here (and the swap’s relatively short six hours, which flies by much faster than you think).

The Rock ‘N’ Swap takes place on April 14 at 10 a.m. For serious diggers, check out the “early bird shopping special” from 6:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. and cop a few gems before the general public.

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