Laszlo Installs House Vinyl Collection

Foreign Cinema's lounge spins 50 years of music

Charlie Villyard Photography

Laszlo Bar, which is adjacent to the acclaimed restaurant Foreign Cinema (2534 Mission), is the latest institution in town to celebrate the vinyl format.

Chef/owner Gayle Pirie has brought her extensive family collection onsite for DJs to play during a new weekly event, Vinyl Side Thursdays. The free party, held from 6-9 PM, comes paired with a special cocktail to match the evening's musical theme, which changes each week. Mixers have about 50 years of recordings and a wealth of styles to choose from, so the night can vary wildly — which is part of the fun.

The lounge's in-house vinyl expert Mike Apokalypse has documented the entire Laszlo vinyl collection of almost 1500 records on Discogs.

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