Metallica Strikes Back at Glastonbury Critics

Glasstallica T-shirt addresses negative press

Metallica was one of the headliners at last weekend's Glastonbury Festival in England, a booking that was criticized by British press and some rather uncharitable musicians. The band came up with a brilliant response to the backlash.

NME reports that the band sold limited edition "Glasstallica" T-shirts at the event, each emblazoned with some of the most negative comments. Some of the choicest ones include "Metallica: Whoopee F*cking Doo," "Metallica aren't in the spirit of peace-loving Glastonbury," and "Metallica — they're just shite!"

After 33 years as a band, it's delightful to know that Metallica's tongue is still firmly in cheek.

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