Five Lessons Learned at Prince's Oakland Concert

Prince performed a sold out concert at Oakland's Fox Theater on Saturday. The electric performance that was announced just three days in advance commanded prices of $300-1000 once tickets hit secondary seller sites such as StubHub.

Mr. Nelson's show left us with some important takeaways to share:

1. His band 3RDEYEGIRL can rock

The trio valiantly keep up with his unquenchable energy on stage, nimbly shifting between blues, funk and pure rock. They also can switch everything up with a quick hand motion from their bandleader and roll with esoteric song arrangements, such as the opening "Let's Go Crazy," which included interpolated parts of Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein." He knows how to pick 'em. Check the show's full setlist.

2. People are still really, really into Prince out here

No sooner had "Let's Go Crazy" finished when a dazed woman was being dragged by her shoulders and heels out of the fray. Prince can be too much to handle, but we didn't expect it to happen so quickly.

3. He doesn't get sick of playing "Purple Rain"

Prince announced as much, adding, "This is the kind of song that, when people sing together, things happen." 

4. It was Sly Stone's birthday

"I don't celebrate birthdays, but today is Sly Stone's day," he said. He explained how much of the funk he got from Sly and thanked Oakland for giving him the gift of Sheila E. A few minutes later, the New Power Generation horns came onstage and helped him with a rousing cover of the Family Stone's "Thank You (Falettin Me Be Mice Elf Agin)."

5. Don't worry, he will be back

The rumored second show on Sunday never materialized, but he told the audience that he plans to return to the Bay Area soon. The new rumor is that it could be as soon as this week.

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