An Alternative to Craigslist for Sports Equipment

reMatch Sports aims to take the sketchiness out of consignment sports equipment

What makes Craigslist sketchy is that no matter whether you're searching for a snowboard or a horny business professional of indeterminate attractiveness in town for one night, you're still liable to encounter a horny business professional of indeterminate attractiveness in town for one night.

ReMatch Sports aims to change that.

From a South African outdoorsman who burned out Craigslisting his stuff, Match's "a concept consignment sport equipment store" that posts all its inventory online -- everything from surf boards, to road bikes, to fishing poles -- and plays matchmaker between sellers who don't have time for BS and buyers so serious, heart attacks worry about having them.

How it works: sellers bring in their uncrappy items, which Match inspects, photographs, and helps to price realistically (though the seller's got final say); the item's then posted at, and "various other online marketplaces", and when a sale's made Match takes the greater of $15 or 25% of your Tek Nek Glitter Girl Tyke Trike.

If you're buyin', check out Match's stock online where everything's posted with detailed specs/condition/photos, and head over to Match to see an item for real, or, if what you want's not there, key in whatever it is and receive an email alert when something like it comes in -- although the site is frustratingly unspecific about the frequency with which they get pommel horses.

After building inventory for the past month or so, Match begins selling to the public today. To kick things off, they're throwing a shindig tonight w/ live music, free wine/beer/passed apps, and prizes for those who arrive the most decked out in sports apparel -- which means the search for your horny baseball professional of indeterminate attractiveness needs to start immediately.

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