Saint’s Magical Bones Pass Through the City

Rudy Aviña
Saint Peter and Paul Church

For some, good luck comes in the form of a rabbit's foot. For others, it's rubbing a hunchback. And for visitors to Saints Peter and Paul Church this weekend, it's a bit of human bone and tissue.

The remains of Saint John Bosco, not to be confused with the chocolate syrup, are making a pit stop in San Francisco during their 5-year tour of the state. We're coming up on Bosco's 200th birthday, and devotees are looking forward to the opportunity to seeing his remains on display.

The public display is a fitting tribute to a man regarded as the patron saint of stage magicians. On occasion, Bosco is said to have restored people to life, multiplied food, and made prophetic predictions. Sure, but can he make the Statue of Liberty disappear?

Since his death in 1888, not much of him is left. A few bones and some tissues from his arm are all that remain. They've been placed inside of a life-size replica of the man, which will travel through the streets of The City on Sunday. The totem is expected to arrive at Saints Peter and Paul late that night, and rituals have been scheduled for Sunday to honor Bosco's memory.

And of course, you can follow the body -- or what's left of it -- on Facebook.

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