Saving the Climate By Shortening Commutes?

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This week, California regulators are expected to adopt new to reduce greenhouse gases by changing development patterns and shortening the commutes of Californians.


It’s a bit complicated. In essence, the state regulators set targets for reductions in greenhouses that the state’s various regions are expected to meet. Those reductions will be pursued by regional groups through changes in policies on transportation and development.

But most of the policies themselves have to be adopted by local governments.

This requires a lot of cooperation, so there’s plenty that could go wrong. As Capitol Weekly explains in a detailed and important story, it’s unclear if the targets for reductions in gas – and in certain kinds of development – are realistic. Regional government groups, including the powerful Southern California Association of Governments, have argued for more modest targets. Capitol Weekly reports that one analysis of the impact of the regulations from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, a Bay Area regional government group, predicted that gas prices could rise to $9 per gallon.

More details are here.

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