Sex Suffers in a Limp Economy

In a puntastic article, The New York Post is reporting that the "limp economy" has caused men with financial industry jobs to bail "out of the bedroom." The city's women, therefore, are reporting a "citywide sexual recession."

The sex lives of New Yorkers in the financial industry have taken a downturn since Wall Street's collapse two months ago, while sales at local sex shops are up. Babeland, in SoHo, is "witnessing a rise in 'appliance' sales," while The Pleasure Chest, in the Village, has seen a 13 percent increase in sales this quarter versus last year. 

The Post refers to a survey conducted by the not-so-neutral stress-reducing drug Relora, which showed that "64 percent of responders were anxious about money - and, of these, 62 percent say that they are having less sex." Meanwhile, the online advertising industry in the city is still going strong, most recently seen after the "Ad Agency Sex Tape" surfaced on Gawker last week.

Regardless, it's safe to say that the long, dirty fingers of the recession's reach have officially left Wall Street and entered the banker's bedroom. While there's currently no end in sight, the best place to look for an indicator might be in sex shop sales. Once people stop buying for themselves, it might be time to buy back Wall Street.

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