The Early Word on Ebb & Flow

The new, 40-seat casual seafood place from former Boulevard Chef Vincent Schofield opened without a hitch on Wednesday night and of course theYelpers are all over it


Genevieve Y. gets right down to business in her bulleted, 4-star evaluation that highlights the "Whimsical" vibe and the Nautical decor while racking up a reasonable $75 bill on Oysters, Ceviche, a crab sandwich, Sea Bass and some Bi-Rite for dessert. Luke S., on the other hand, would like you to know that "even though the menu is not too swanky, the quality was excellent!"

Meanwhile, the table-twitterers were relatively quiet on the subject of seafood aside from one @Spicedish who would like you to know that they're serving "tasty comfort seafood," but the service still needs to hit their stride. Fair enough.

Any bets on how many stars the Bauertron 9000, who cranked out 3 stars for Boulevard a year ago, will bestow on a low-key fish shack?

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