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Yes, West Portal is just another avenue in San Francisco, but really, it’s a self-contained town within the City.

There’s the US Post Office with rentable PO Box slots, a full-service branch of the library, major banks positioned at most corners, a reliable hardware store, walk-ins welcome nail salons, mom and pop grocers with inviting bins of fruit and vegetable displays in front, magical toy stores, a dozen restaurants offering delicious delicacies from far away places and even a vintage movie theater with only two screens.

West Portal regulars pride themselves at being jaywalking experts. Careful to step over the narrow median strip installed a couple of decades ago to discourage just such actions, locals dart from Westside to Eastside and back again. It’s a tradition.

Muni acts as chauffeur from almost all points on the compass. Once on West Portal, it’s as if you’ve burst in on a neighborhood scene like no other. It’s well established, low-key, and a friendly place to visit. There is something for everyone on West Portal and its only a three block span.

Just Because

Shopping the variety of specialty stores is a main attractions on West Portal and Just Because is one of the leading retailers.

Located in a charming single story building with a dutch-door entrance facing a central courtyard, Just Because welcomes those in need of items and supplies for all the social graces.

The walls are lined with greeting cards, while cases offer clever wrapping options and tables are stacked with eye-catching boxed cards ready to be personalized.

Loyals rely on Just Because for the made-to-order service. E-vites are fine as are text-phone-Facebook and Skype-vites, but they are not quite the same as snail-mail-vites.

So Just Because offers an extensive assortment of custom-vites to choose from with expert advise at the ready.

The variety of paper goods from companies such as the exclusive Caspari to the contemporary Palm Press add up to an extensive and impressive inventory assortment.

If that’s not enough, Just Because offers whimsical gift items as well as beautiful jewelry by local designers.

Just Because, 207 West Portal Avenue in San Francisco, www.justbecausesf.com, 415-566-4483

Take a Muni ride through the West Portal tunnel and you’ll find yourself in West Portal, California.

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