Vote Yes on Prop 25, No on Prop 26

Let Politicians and Polluters Clean Up Their Own Mess

And now, an NBC Bay Area Editorial...

This year, California set a gridlock record with our 100 days overdue budget, costing us billions in interest and reducing our credit ranking to junk.

That's why NBC Bay Area urges you to vote "Yes" on Prop 25, to fix our broken budget process. It calls for a simple majority to pass the state budget, a system 47 states already use. Plus if the legislators don't pass the budget on time, they don't get paid. And tax hikes would still require a 2/3rd's vote.

Then there's Prop 26, oil, tobacco and alcohol companies call it taxpayer protection, but it's actually company protection; making it much harder to raise fees for pollution and damage to public health. The BP Gulf tragedy proves environmental accountability is crucial, vote "No" on 26, it's toxic.

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