The Mission = Food Fest

It's getting so that it isn't the weekend if there isn't a street food fest happening in the Mission District of San Francisco.

This Saturday marks the second "Bi-Annual Party on Block 18," a fundraiser for the Women’s Building, BuenDia Family School, 826 Valencia, Next Course & Pie Ranch.

Described as a "full-tilt hootenanny," the street will be opened for festival-goers with seating, shade, and family-style meals from Delfina, Dolores Park Café, and Craig’s Place, and Tartine and Bi-Rite Creamery.

And local vendors aren't the only ones serving food. There will also be a pie contest, with prizes awarded in two categories: "fruit" and "other." If you ask us, one of those categories is kind of vague.

Tickets are cheap: just $2. You can buy a book of 10 at stores all along 18th Street, including Fayes Video and Tartine. Meals will range in price from $2.50 for sides to $15 for Fulton Valley chicken (grilled under a brick) with tuscan bread salad.

The Block 18 party comes on the heels of last weekend's smash hit street food fest, which drew massive crowds to frantic vendors, many of whom sold out of food before the event was over.

Will the recent warm weather continue into this weekend's fest? Let's hope so -- and if it does, let's hope there'll be plenty of cool drinks on hand.

Matt Baume plans on bringing a cooler to lug home lunches for the next week.

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