iPhone App Gives Users Access to 1 GB Storage in the Cloud has released a new iPhone app that enables users to access their files stored on their account. The free basic account allows up to 1 GB of storage with a 25 MB file size limit and 10 GB of monthly traffic. This is good news for those wanting to access their documents and other files from their new 3G device with WiFi access. The app is available for free at the App Store.

It’s rather impressive that you can actually view your videos, photos, PDF files and Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents right from your account on your iPhone. You can also play music files that are stored on your account, so it’s like expanding your 8 GB or 16 GB iPhone. I was able to play several tunes this way without any noticeable performance issues and this was strictly over 3G with no WiFi enabled.

Also, you can take photos from your iPhone and actually upload them to your Box account and share them with anyone you choose. You can share individual files or entire folders. The other handy feature is the ability to upload your photos from the iPhone’s Photo library or Camera Roll instead of using iTunes to sync with your local computer.

Everything is in real-time so that means the app can monitor activity with your account. Whenever someone has added a file or document to a shared folder on your account, you’ll be able to see it instantly.

There are a slew of useless apps for the iPhone, but this is not one of them. Being able to store files from your mobile device to your online storage account is incredibly useful for business and pleasure. The ability to share files with iPhone users without needing to rely on email attachments (which can get blocked, delayed or lost) is another big benefit, especially for mobile users.

We can fully expect other online storage providers to jump in the iPhone app fray very soon. MyDropBox and come to mind immediately. In the mean time, has gotten a jump start on the competition with a handy app that allows mobile users to access their storage space in the clouds.

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