LimeLife Puts Women in the Limelight

LimeLife is finding success backwards. It started as a mobile site about three years ago, then found its footing and began to expand from the phone to the Web, raising a $4.75MM third round in May 2008. The women’s lifestyle channel will launch today.

LimeLife used the money they raised in May toward the new expanded online site which includes 8 lifestyle blogs, a mobile site, social network and social utility and Facebook app called “My Snaps”, which is kind of a cross between social photo sharing site Flickr and social link building and bookmarking site Delicious. LimeLife has advertisers that include companies like NBC and Sephora.

“LimeLife is the first company to establish a female lifestyle brand on the mobile Web. Today’s beta launch of our online destination marks the next step in the company’s strategy to introduce LimeLife’s original content to an audience that navigates seamlessly across media platforms,” said Kristin McDonnell, LimeLife’s CEO. “Our goal is to enable consumers to access everything they like, wherever they are – whether it’s lifestyle content or their My Snaps collections, on the Web and via their mobile phones.”

Their focus on content aimed at women is not unique, though they have been considered a leader in mobile content for women over the last year. There are other sites who have ventured into the women’s content market in recent months. LimeLife’s new online channel is an extension of the focus on women they built using mobile games, blogs, editorial content and advertisers with products designed for women. The new channel will be made for women aged 18 - 34 and will include music, entertainment, fashion, news, shopping, beauty and dating. Not being the Barbie™ type, I’d like to see more technology, politics, education and business content aimed at that age group to truly fit all women.

The new LimeLife women’s content channel will be accessible by Web or by phone and PDA. It will enable women to not only see the content delivered by the site wherever they are, but to share it with friends as well. LimeLife seems to be positioning itself as an Evernote plus content product that is geared to women. I can’t decide whether this site is providing a real service to women, or a vague insult to women. Perhaps it is a bit of both, suffering a bit from a focus on the frivolous but offering a service women can use nonetheless.

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