Nintendo 3DS Has Third Dimension

The new hand-held game has a few OMG features.

NBC Bay Area got its hands on the soon-to-be released Nintendo 3DS this week and our residential gamer Scott McGrew said it has plenty of wow moments.

The OMG factor is the fact that the new two-screen hand-held game allows you to play in 3D without the need for special glasses.

McGrew said the games "depth slider" was key because it allowed him to select a level of 3D that felt right to him.

At $249.99 the game will clearly be marketed to adults, but there is sure to be lots of begging by children with upcoming birthdays. 

The game has a "computery" feel (to quote McGrew) with lots of buttons.  It also comes with an added ge whiz button that allows users to take photos in 3D.

It will be available for purchase the end of March.

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